Junior Tennis Racquets

Junior Tennis Racquets-Tips On How To Choose

junior tennis racquetsA younger tennis player should be playing tennis with one of the junior tennis racquets. As a general principle, a junior should use as long a racquet as he or she can comfortably handle. Proper junior tennis racquets sizing will help to teach and develop your child’s proper tennis strokes and techniques. The choice of the right sized junior tennis racquets is very important. A racquet that is too small can lead to both tennis elbow and to improper tennis strokes which will hurt the development of your child’s game. The transition time from a junior tennis racquet to an adult racquet is totally dependent upon the growth of the child.

The standard guidelines for age and junior tennis racquets sizes are charted below, but you should adjust for several additional factors. Always uses good judgment is sizing your child. If you have a younger child who is big for his or her age, choose a junior tennis racquet based on their size, not age. You should move up one size, possibly two, to adjust for exceptionally high physical strength, but adjusting down for lack of strength is almost never necessary. The current junior tennis racquets are pretty light in general so no child should have a problem with them being too heavy. Experience is also a factor. The chart assumes a beginner player. A child who has experience playing tennis will probably need a junior tennis racquet one or two sizes larger than what is indicated on the chart.

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Junior Tennis Racquets Length For Ages:

0-4: 19″
4-5: 21″
6-7: 23″
8-10: 25″
10-12: 26″
12 up: adult size

There are some overlaps in the chart, but as a general rule, when in doubt, go with the bigger junior tennis racquets.

If a junior is just barely big enough for an adult racquet, go with a standard 27″ racquet.

Juniors can outgrow junior tennis racquets quickly, but it helps a lot that junior tennis racquets tend to be inexpensive. You can get away with spending $15-$50 on a fairly decent junior tennis racquet. When you look at the least expensive racquets, one crude test is to bang the strings on the butt of your hand to get a feel for their solidity. If the junior tennis racquet feels too flexible or too light, avoid it.

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