Lacoste Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Lacoste Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Lacoste spring summer 2012 collectionA long time before basketball star Lebron James of the Miami Heat lent his name to a line of Nike shoes, and a long time before Ralph Lauren was hawking his polo wear, A Frenchman by the name of Rene Lacoste was winning tennis tournaments while at the same time having heads turn in awe of his self designed and inspired tennis shirts. That’s right, those polo shirts with the alligator on them. Lacostes vision and style in those pique polo shirts changed the sport and how people dressed. Prior to his introduction of his signature shirt, tennis players were playing this fast paced game in long sleeved button front shirts that were heavy and warm. Rene Lacoste changed all of that forever.

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Not only are the Lacoste polo shirts worn today on tennis courts all over the world, but they are a fashion staple in everyone’s closet. Some people would even go so far as to call his alligator embossed line as preppy.

Lacoste, who was born in the early 1900′s bet the captain of his 1927 Davis Cup team that he would win a pivotal match for the team. What was the bet for you ask? A crocodile suitcase, which of course Lacoste won. Because of Lacostes tenacity of the tennis court, the tennis writers at that time gave him the nickname of the crocodile. That led to a friend of his designing a small green crocodile that he had embroidered on Lacoste’s court jacket. Since that time, that little green crocodile has become synonymous with the Lacoste name and recognized as his trademark all over the world.

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Since the founding of the company in 1933, it has expanded it reputation and wares from simple white tennis polo shirts to a complete line of clothing and accessories including trench coats, shoes, watches, fragrances,sunglasses and even furniture. As a full blooded fashion design house today, people anxiously await the new lines and styles from Lacoste which are shown in the premier fashion shows around the world. You can see the lines from Lacoste clothing and accessories today at the finest stores worldwide for both on and off the court wear.

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