Lobster Elite 2

The Lobster Elite 2 is another great machine in the Lobster lineup. The Lobster Tennis Ball Machine company, who is famous for their innovativeness  and excellent tennis ball machines, has differentiated the Elite lineup lobster tennis ball machineby providing numerous different features at different price points. Each and every robot is constructed to cater to a specific level of player and is tailored to present a reasonably priced tennis ball machine regardless of what proficiency stage you are hitting the ball at.

The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine has the famous Lobster body design with the white hopper which could be reversed to fit snugly around the red bottom. The ball hopper holds up to 150 tennis balls (we advise using pressureless tennis balls) which at its peak can supply five minutes of extreme performance. The Lobster Elite 2 weighs in at only fifty lbs. and along with the over sized wheels, makes it very portable. The removable handle and wheels are straightforward enough to use to retain the portability, although it would be easier if the handle telescoped instead of coming off. The Lobster Elite 2 comes with a battery that gives you anywhere from four to eight hrs of running time depending on a multitude of factors like extent of time it’s on, oscillation, frequency etc.

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Several of the Lobster Elite 2 Features

* One hundred and fifty ball capability
* Changeable delivery anywhere from every two to every ten seconds
* Modifiable ball velocity from ten to 80 miles per hour
* Horizontal oscillation
* Vertical oscillation
* Topspin and Backspin controls
* Overhand lobs
* Four to eight hr battery life

What is the distinction between the Lobster Elite two and Lobster Elite 3 tennis ball machines?

There are a great deal similarities between several of the Lobster ball machines. To start with is the contour of the device. Lobster has designed each and every device in their lineup based mostly off of a single platform. Therefore they all offer the reversible 150 tennis ball hopper, the same battery and velocity controls. The main difference between the Lobster Elite 2 and Lobster Elite 3 tennis ball machines is that the Elite three presents a superior horizontal oscillation in order that the ball could be thrown wide and narrow, changing up the play a little more.

The Pros

The Lobster Elite 2 offers a large array of features for a pretty fair price. Utilizing the Elite 2 you could practice a regular stroke such as the forehand or backhand and you can make use of its random oscillation feature to locate the ball just about anywhere on the tennis court giving you a really healthy workout. It’s rather lightweight and portable and despite the fact that there are certain features that could make it even better such as a folding handle, the unit can do a pretty good job of moving from one place to another. The battery longevity on the Lobster Elite two is outstanding, lasting for many hrs of running time and a lot longer than I had anticipated. Taken as a whole, the Lobster Elite two tennis ball machine is admirably well-matched for the novice through amateur to even serious player. If you could survive without the enhanced horizontal oscillation element, you could save yourself a few extra bucks.

The Cons

Despite the fact that the Lobster Elite two ball machine is a sound constructed tennis ball machine, there are some things that can use improvement. The biggest out of all of these is an automatic shut off on the charger. The way that the device is setup, you need to plug it in to charge it and come back at which time it’s fully charged and unplug it. If you leave it on the charger it may damage the battery or worse. On a machine of this expense, you would suppose that they would have some variety of shut off feature. The company does have a charging module which will do this, but it is sold separately.

Another point that would make the Lobster Elite two better is that the dials are somewhat not consistent. You will have to spend a little while figuring out just precisely where the limits are. Also if you have a setting you especially prefer, you cannot automatically depend on it as being the same next time you play.

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