Practice Ping Pong Robot Machines

practice ping pong robot machinePractice ping pong robot machines are the up to speed 21st century computerized version of the old tilt up one side of your ping pong table method. Now there is nothing wrong with folding up one half of your ping pong table and practicing your ping pong prowess against the backboard that you have set up. Only problem with that is that it can be boring. The difference is that with a practice ping pong robot machine like the mid price range Newgy 2040 or the Newgy 2050 models is that you get a whole choice of options as to what kind of shots you will be hitting back and practicing against.

If you simply tilt up your table tennis table to one side and use it as a backboard, you cannot replicate the identical shot over and over. But with a practice ping pong robot machine, you can for instance practice the identical shot over and over again, a million times if you’d like until you have mastered returning that shot back exactly where you would like.

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If you want a ball delivered to you on the right side or on the left side in order to practice a particular backhand or forehand shot, with a practice ping pong robot machine that is a simple thing to do. The practice ping pong robot machine also gives you the ability to deliver the ball where you want at the delivery speed that you would like over and over again nonstop until you wear yourself out because the practice table tennis robot machine is not going to get tired. Since it has a return recycling net, it certainly beats bending down every few minutes to pick up all of the ping pong balls off of the floor.

If you purchase one of the low end practice ping pong robot machines which I do not recommend, you will still have to bend down and chase table tennis balls all over your house because the lower end machines do not come with recycling net to catch and reload all of the balls that you hit and return to the robot.

The mid range practice ping pong robot machines also allow you to set it up to deliver the ball to you with options such as topspin lobs, backspin, aggressive side spin serves and more. There are many different drill modes that you can simply instruct the robot to do to keep you on your ping pong toes and to keep you happy for years to come.

If you have kids and you have an unused ping pong table sitting in your basement with little usage,this is the perfect solution for you. Table tennis was the 6th fastest growing sport in the USA in 2009. Kids at high schools and colleges around the country have taken up ping pong like crazy. I promise you that with one of these practice ping pong machines in your basement, your kids will be practicing and picking up the right techniques. Besides, it’s a lot of fun and I know I’d rather have my kids playing in my basement than running around God only knows where in todays world. If they have any interest at all in table tennis, then a practice ping pong robot machine will do wonders for them and keep them and their friends in your home and out of trouble.

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