Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet

Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet


prince exo3 rebel 98 tennis racquetThe Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet is a new racquet for 2012 from Prince. Prince has always made great tennis racquets and their newer racquets seem to be getting better and better all the time. This user-friendly version introduction to the PrinceĀ  lineup of tennis racquets, the new Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 combines impressive control with a soft feel and surprising power. Composed out of graphite, the head size on this Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet is 98 sq inches, just as in it’s name. The length of this racquet is 27 inches long, the strung weight of the racquet is 11.2 oz and unstrung weight of 10.6 ounces classifies this as a tweener racquet. The string pattern is 16×20 which is a more open pattern than previous versions of the Rebel. We find that this type of open pattern helps with putting more spin on the ball.

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A brand new addition to the Prince Rebel Line of tennis racquets, the EXO3 technology takes advantage of promoting greater string movement to expand the sweet spot providing greater power and comfort. This technology has a new port insert featuring a thermoplastic resin additive that reduces vibration. The bright yellow paint scheme of the Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet is accented by the contrasting color of the new string suspension inserts. A good looker in our opinion. This racquet is best suited for players in the 3.5 to open level players with moderate to fast swings.The thin frame and moderate weight makes this a highly maneuverable racquet combining control and power. This Prince Racquet is great for a player developing an all around game looking for precision without sacrificing anything. It’s a solid all around racquet. Overall, this racquet is a great choice if you are looking for a lightweight control orientated frame. The Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet is another great tennis racquet from Prince tennis.

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