Robo Pong Ping Pong Robots Review

Robo Pong Table Tennis RobotOne of the things which I was lucky enough to have as a kid growing up was a ping pong table. That ping pong table, or table tennis table as the rest of the world likes to call it certainly got a lot of good use. How it lasted for so many years is still a mystery to me.

Used and abused is probably the best way to describe it. Our basement growing up was like a train station, with people coming and going all the time. Well, I had a big family with a few brothers and sisters, and every one of them had a whole bunch of friends.

If we start to include relatives and all the friends that my parents had, well it adds up to a lot of people. Our house could have been called ping pong central, amongst other things. There was always a ping pong game going on between someone. And when there wasn’t a ping pong match going on, someone always had the table flipped up on one end so that they could practice. Rebounding off the flipped up half of the ping pong table was how we did it in those days.

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Ah, but now we live in a different world, a world of computers and automation, a totally different world than the one that was when we wanted to practice our returns on the table tennis table. Today, you can practice your returns, you can practice with spin, and you can practice with speed. Stuff we didn’t have in the old days. Top spin, under spin, 10 miles per hour or seventy miles per hour. How about one hundred balls a minute? Is that practice or what.

Now, to make this even more complicated for you folks, there are a number of ways to go here from really inexpensive to really expensive. I’m kind of a frugal guy so I like to buy good quality at a good price. My rule of thumb, generally speaking is to knock off the top couple and bottom 2 in price and find a happy median somewhere in the center. The 2 and 3 thousand dollar practice machines are a little bit too rich for my blood, and the cheapo machines, well lets just say that I’m not so sure about.

There are a range of great machines in the middle price range. Robo Pong, by Newgy is the most prevalent brand in robotic ping pong robot machines. I personally prefer the Robo Pong 2040 because it’s a mid range machine, it has a great control system for adjustment, and most of all it has a recycling net. If you don’t have a system without a recycling net, you are going to be chasing ping pong balls all over the place, and believe me when I tell you that when you have to start picking up hundreds of ping pong balls from the floor, that’s the last time you’ll ever use your robot. Aside from having a great name, Robo Pong makes some very good machines that will last you a long time. You definitely cannot go wrong with a Robo Pong ping pong robot

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