Squash Goggles

Please Wear Squash Goggles

squash gogglesSquash goggles are a critically important piece of squash gear and I do mean critically important. You must wear squash goggles when playing squash. If you wear prescription lenses, check with your eye doctor about ordering a pair of prescription squash goggles.

I know that there are many people out there who just have a problem wearing something foreign on their face or head. Sort of like the guys that drive motorcycles and don’t want to wear helmets. I understand that argument, but I think that the wearing squash goggles argument even if you don’t like them is the better of the two arguments hands down.

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If you don’t wear a pair of squash goggles, all it takes is one mistake and you could lose an eye. One simple shot that could hit you in the eye while not wearing squash goggles and your one step closer to never playing again and walking around with a white cane. Is it worth it to you and your family to be so foolish and not wear squash goggles to protect your vision?

Squash goggles not only protect you eyes from the possibility of getting hit with the ball but it also help you in the event that you get hit with a racquet by mistake.

Good squash goggles will have anti fog properties although in my experience even the best anti fog squash goggles will fog up at times. Good squash goggles will also be constructed out of polycarbonate which are anti shatter as well, and they should be anti distortion as well. Also look for squash goggles that have good straps that hold the squash goggles on your face while you are moving around on the squash courts.

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There are a number of companies that make quality squash goggles, companies such as Head, Wilson and Dunlop to name a few. My own particular favorite squash goggles are the Wilson NVue squash goggles. Although a little more expensive than the other ones, I have found them to be the best overall squash goggles yet. How much is your vision worth to you? Whatever you do, don’t get on the court without wearing a pair of squash goggles. It’s not worth the risk to play squash without wearing a decent pair of squash goggles.

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