Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables

Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables


teeter hangups inversion tablesSo the first question that probably pops into your mind is why am I writing an article about Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables when this is supposed to be a website about racquet sports? A good question that deserves an equally good answer in my opinion. Racquetsports.org is a site devoted to our favorite thing, sports such as tennis, squash, ping pong etc and anything that will help us to play better and feel better is open game for us to write about.

I don’t know about you guys and how you handle your workouts, exercises and injuries but I do know how I handle them, and what I do to prevent them as much as possible and to recover from them as well when I’m injured. One thing that has been of a great help to me are Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables. That’s right, hanging upside down for a period of time every day to help me health wise.

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Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables are really effective in my view. Some people call this thing gravity boots, why I don’t really know. It seems to me that Inversion Tables are a better choice of words. The guy that makes this particular brand of inversion tables is in his 70′s and he looks great. Mr. Teeter has been making Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables for some 30 years or so now. There is no question in my mind, that the quality, reliability and safety factors of the Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables are the best with no equal.

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Why Are Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables Better?

As I already mentioned, Teeter has been in this business for over 30 years. Teeter is the innovator when it comes to inversion tables. When it comes to such things as measuring the strength of these machines to meet weight safety requirements, rotational testing to assure secure inversion and proper rotation of the table, and for ankle lock endurance testing, there is nobody else in the business that can measure up to Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables. Independent organizations that rate these type of physical fitness machinery have shown that nobody else can hold a candle to Teeter. Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables have passed with ease in tests simulating over 30,000 use cycles of the machines. Did you hear that? 30,000 times of hanging upside down in one of these without any issues, any structural problems, any problems whatsoever. You’ll never come anywhere close in your lifetime to doing that many inversions.

Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables And Your Health

Inversion tables, gravity boots, hanging upside down or whatever you prefer to call it has many health advantages. I’m no doctor, these are just my opinions. As always, I would check in with your own physician before embarking on any new health or exercise regime. There are countless medical studies that will confirm the benefits of inversion therapy.

Hanging upside down. or being inverted causes the body to decompresses, naturally using your body’s own  weight and gravity so that the soft tissue in the joints can hydrate and decompress. Decompression helps rehydrate disks, realign the spine, reduce nerve pressure and relax tense muscles. Many doctors, physical therapists, and sports trainers are well aware of this. For centuries, yoga practitioners have recognized the concept of turning the body upside down to find relaxation.  Inversion therapy is kind of like a perfect stretch.

I play a lot of tennis and squash and I find that my muscles get tense and tightened up quite often. I do a number of stretches and exercises to help alleviate this, but I find that there are 3 things that help me even more than that. Hot tubs or jacuzzis after playing, a nice long stay in the steam room,and inversion therapy with my Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables. That’s what works best for me and I highly suggest that you try all 3 if at all possible. If you don’t have access to a steam room and Jacuzzi, then I highly recommend that you at least try one of the Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables as they will work wonders for you in my opinion.

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